Lonely in a crowd.
Gin, 19 years old, motherfucker.
I'm the kind of person people are worried about. Nobody likes me so better watch out.
My life is totally made up of concerts.
- Kinda obsessed with OTH and CMM.


» Bass Player and Growl/Scream vocals for 'The Outsiders'.
Metalhead, Born Glamster, Musician.
† Body modification is my religion. †
Tattooed ✓ Pierced ✓ Streched Lobe ✓

"I believe in a world where love is between people and not between genders".

Addicted to good music.

I'll never be enough.
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Sister @ Rock Planet (Pinarella di Cervia - Ravenna), 18.05.2013

taken with my old Canon EOS 350 D.

26, May de 2013, às 8:06 pm
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